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If you like what we do, and you like the quality of what you see, then buckle up gang. We are pulling out all the stops on our new lineup of custom built Survival Adventure Rescue box (S.A.R.) series 6x6 Flatbed Camper/Command Centers. Designed for economic expense, high abuse, long exposure to the worlds elements, and rated for military, search and rescue, and disaster response, the rig you have been wanting is now available. SAR rated truck and box combos are ready to be designed for crisis response, overland travel expeditions, and offgrid abuse.


S.A.R. Series 6x6 Truck

    (starting @ $170k)




Thank You!


We wish to thank you for the OVERWHELMING response to the SAR Program. We truly appreciate all of the good you are doing, and the many great ideas shared, connection to amazing people who truly care about others that have been made, and to those who are doing their best to prepare and take of each other. This world is full of goodness.


If you are needing a SAR Truck built for you or your group or organization,

Please contact us for more information.



Start to finish:

We build custom command centers, RV expedition style adventure camper boxes and disaster response units each built to spec for your needs. Built with extreme terrain crossing in mind, every aspect of the process is engineered and designed for abuse.No one is building a plan b vehicle like this!






Finish line:

Built to last, this combo setup will take you places you could only dream of reaching before. The unreachable just got closer, and might be parked outside your driver door. 






If you ever wondered how you could take all your gear and still have room to be comfortable and not feel cramped and closed in, the basement storage alone will make you smile from ear to ear. Go ahead...load up. There is plenty of room.




In a world where everything is getting smaller and cheaper and more lightweight and made from plastic or fiberglass, we stand proud and tall and will not conform. The shear size of these beasts command attention and respect. You will not be forgotten or go unnoticed. If you need a statement to be made about your intentions, no talking is needed. Just drive.

A Plan B vehicle that truly makes the difference between a bad experience and just another adventure.

True Disaster Crisis Expedition Off-road Quality 8x8 Command Center.

                      Go further and get closer to where you need than ever before.

                                                      (Starting @ $370K)



Custom built to your needs, your family, your supplies and gear.

Designed to go the distance...


Tired of the same bullcrap cheap plastic, thin wood camping travel trailers and motorhomes put together with staples and glue? We sure are. In fact we couldnt find a product or company that built anything that could even handle a moderate snowload let alone a trail off the smooth asphalt. So we are building our own... to our required specs.


Full aluminum welded framing, 1/8 thick laser cut one piece aluminum sides, also welded to the frame. There is no wood or cheap fiberglass in the building of the structure of the box. Base models feature traditional and cost effective propane systems, while higher models feature full diesel hydronic systems, solar power integration, and incredible level-3 four season insulation, DC powered low energy Air Conditioning systems, and heavy duty rugged interiors designed for easy cleaning, and harsh conditions.


This entire system is engineered for rugged climate, heavy snow load, and offroad abuse. The SAR series truck boxes have been designed and integrated for heavy duty chassis trucks, with the post Military 6x6 deuce and a half, 5-ton, 7-ton, and 10-ton truck and 4x4 Humvee being one of the most cost effective, EMP resistant, durable platforms to perform the task and satisfy a wide array of terrain conditions, individual needs, pricing levels, weight capacities, and custom features not found (or even offered) by any other brand or company.

6' water fording 

22" of articulation

Custom Floorplans, Toy-hauler style, Traditional, and Specialized design needs.



Humvee Conversions

S.A.R. Outdoor MAX IV Rapid Deployment Series Humvee Starting @ $47K

Our most cost effective setup for the outdoor groups that need to have the peace of mind that wherever you may find yourself at the end of the day, sleeping for (4) adults and basic comforts and needs are covered. Humvee comes with upgraded interior, hard doors, optional hard top, level 3 sound deadening, optional safari roof rack, Solar powered electric power pack for basic electrical and charging needs, toilet, sink, water filtration system, outdoor shower system, and hot water on-demand self contained system. Optional HAM radio communication kits, and optional specialized first aid backpack kits.

S.A.R. Gear MAX II Rapid Deployment Series Humvee Starting @ $42K

Designed for equipment mobility, The Gear MAX II accomadates sleeping for (2) adults with 4 season comfort and durability. (1) ATV or (2) Motorcycles can be added to the fun on the folding tent system racking. Provides 6' long x 50" wide of gear storage space behind the cab. Humvee comes with upgraded interior, Hard doors, optional hard top, level 3 sound deadening, optional safari roof rack, Solar powered Electric power pack for basic electrical and charging needs, Toilet, sink, water filtration system, outdoor shower system, and hot water on-demand self contained system. Optional HAM radio communication kits, and optional specialized first aid backpack kits.

DRT Special Edition Humvee 

Are you needing a setup like this?  Do you know someone who fits what we need?


If you would like to request to be interviewed for a custom truck build, please call us at 801-438-7637, and submit your needs, sleeping capacity needed, any special requests, and what you will be using it for etc. We will review all individuals on a first come first serve basis. We can serve most individuals, and our SAR truck options range in size from small and nimble trucks, to mobile hospital or expedition monsters that can haul the mobile crisis center to the actual crisis, or the outdoor enthusiast to the top of the mountains instead of the local KOA. 


DISCLAIMER: PLANBSUPPLY.COM outfitted trucks, or S.A.R. Series outfitted trucks and equipment are designed for off-road use only, and has not been evaluated or aproved by any official federal or state division for safety on public road or highways. Although these trucks can be driven on the highways and are street legal, we make no claim written or otherwise of any safety tests, crash test ratings etc. These trucks are to be driven at your own risk and judgement. All modifications are intended for offroad level rated use.

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