Our 2" Rear Hitch Receiver is as sturdy as they come. The base is laser-cut from 1/2" plate steel, then press-formed to create the side flanges. The two bends that create the side flanges add significant strength, making our hitch receiver twice as strong as the designs our competitors use. With our design, you can safely pull a trailer with a 10,000 lb. payload. (Warning: Do not overload OEM GVWR capacity) The hitch receiver is finished with a durable black powder coat. It can be mounted to any military humvee bumper and any bumper with standard pintle spacing (3.375" horizontal, 1.75" vertical). It can be mounted with or without a pintle.


*If mounting with a pintle, a pintle spacer is required. Choose "hitch receiver + pintle spacer" in product options.


---Shipping Info---

*Ships ground from Ogden, UT. Costs may vary slighlty from examples listed. 

Average Shipping Costs:

West Coast - $25

Midwest - $30

East - $35


**Please allow up to 2 days for handling time. For questions, please call: (801) 675-4321

Humvee Heavy Duty 2" Rear Hitch Receiver