Our Aluminum Rear Curtain pairs with our aluminum "Hard Top" to close in your vehicle's cab, leaving the bed open and giving your vehicle the look and function of a pick-up. It features a horizontal sliding window. The upper piece of the partition can be removed quickly, using the 10 tool-free quick-release latches and 4 bolts. The lower piece, serves as a bed partition, and is semi-permanent, but can be removed with hand tools.


Optional Toolbox:

Our Bed Partition Toolbox mounts to the inside of the bed partition, and sits between the two rear seats. The base protrudes 12" from rear partition and tapers towards the top. The inside height is 9". The inside width is 46 1/2" at the widest and 22" at the narrowest. It is a great option for storing tool kits, jumper cables, tow ropes, etc. 13 gallon storage capacity.


*Ships freight from Ogden, UT. Includes liftgate and residential delivery with notification service. costs may vary from examples listed. 

Average Shipping Costs (Hard top & Rear Curtain)

West Coast - $400

Midwest - $390

East - $440


**Please allow up to 5 handling time prior to shipping. For questions, please call: (801) 675-4321

Humvee Aluminum 2-Piece Rear Curtain