Our Gen 3 Aluminum Doors function much like standard automotive doors, but still maintain a tactical appearance to match your Humvee. They feature vertical sliding windows which can be locked into any of 5 positions between fully opened and fully closed. Automotive door-style latching system eliminates possibility of doors coming open--even when your Humvee body flexes while off-roading, and driving through uneven terrain. Doors can be locked externally with a key, and also can also be locked from inside the vehicle. Doors are firmly secured to Humvee body with powder coated aluminum hinges. Hinge pins are locked in place with a nut that secures doors while in use, but can easily be removed in order to remove doors from vehicle. All door components manufactured by Plan B Supply are made from rust-proof materials--aluminum and stainless steel. 

---Shipping Info---

*Ships freight from Ogden, UT. Costs may vary from examples listed. 

Average Shipping Costs:

West Coast - $360

Midwest - $370

East - $420


**Please allow up to 5 days handling time prior to shipment. For questions, please call:

 (801) 675-4321


Humvee Signature Aluminum Hard Doors