Our Custom Heavy Duty Brush Guard is rock solid. It completely replaces the flimsy stock military brush guards, and comes with heavy duty mounting brackets which mount directly to vehicles frame. The brush guard itself is made from laser-cut and press-formed 1/4" steel flat bar, and two 1/2" steel main bracket pieces.



Locking pull-pins hold the brush guard firmly in place, nearly eliminating all play. When spring-loaded pull pins are pulled and locked in the out position, the brush guard is free to swing down to allow hood access.


---Shipping Info---

*Ships freight from Ogden, UT. Costs may vary from examples listed. 

Average Shipping Costs:

West Coast - $290

Midwest - $290

East - $315


**Please allow up to 5 days handling time prior to shipment. For questions, please call: (801) 675-4321

Humvee Custom Heavy Duty Brush Guard