Our Code Red Rear Winch Bumper is built like a tank. The bumper is laser cut from 1/4" plate steel, then formed with a hydraulic press. The heavy-duty D-ring shackles mount to brackets cut from 1" plate steel which are each reinforced inside the bumper's skin with 2 steel gussets and 3 grade 8 bolts. The 2" hitch receiver is reinforced with steel gussets both inside and outside the skin, making it more than capable of pulling a trailer with a 10,000 lb payload. The entire bumper is powder coated black, although you get to choose between silver or black powder coated light grills and D-rings. The light grills are fastened in place by stainless steel screws, and can be removed easily, allowing access to LED lights. The grills protect the 4 LED lights from damage.


Optional light package:

The light package includes six LED lights. Each side has one facing straight back, one facing back at a slight outward angle, and one angled both downward and outward. Four of the lights are recess-mounted, and two are mounted behind powder coated grills. Each of the six lights covers a different angle, providing a broad range of light for off-road driving. The light package also includes a wire harness with waterproof connections for each of the six lights, and three 16' lead wires to connect to a switch. The harness is wired so the upper four lights can be turned on separately from the lower 2 lights.  Each light has a short lead wire with a waterproof electrical connector, connecting it to the main wire harness. If a light needs replacement, it can be disconnected and a new one connected in its place very easily (we have replacement lights available). 


We currently have 1 silver trim bumper in stock!


Optional Winch Package:

Package includes 12,500lb 24 Volt Winch strung with cable and hook, as well as bumper-mount fairlead.


---Shipping Info---

*Ships freight from Ogden, UT. Includes liftgate and residential delivery with notification service. costs may vary from examples listed. 

Average Shipping Costs:

West Coast - $290

Midwest - $290

East - $320


**This is currently a built-to-order item. Please allow up to 7 weeks for pre-shipping build time. For questions, please call: (801)675-4321

Humvee Signature Rear Winch Towing Bumper with Hitch Receiver