Our Code Red Hood Scoop's aggressive look is made from an aluminum riveted construction with stainless steel grills and a black texture powder coated body. Our hood scoop replaces stock hood grills and increases airflow to the engine compartment. It also increases engine clearance under the hood. It weighs less than 7 lbs, making the entire hood lighter, and easier to lift and lower when accessing the vehicle's engine compartment.


*Code Red Hood Scoop may not be compatible with brush guards that wrap the top of the hood.


---Shipping Info---

*Ships ground from Ogden, UT. Costs may vary slighlty from examples listed. 

Average Shipping Costs:

West Coast - $55

Midwest - $60

East - $70


**Please allow up to 2 days for handling time. For questions, please call: (801) 675-4321


Humvee Signature Hood Scoop