The Code Red Front Winch Bumper was carefully designed to exceed any expectations our customers might have. Although the bumper has a heavy-duty look to it (the material that makes up the outer skin is over 1/8" thick), the real strength is actually hidden beneath the outer skin. Beneath the visible portion of the bumper is a heavy-duty bumper body made from 1/4" plate steel. Heavy duty D-ring shackles are mounted to 1" thick reinforced brackets which are not only welded to the bumper body, but are also secured with three grade 8, high-strength steel bolts. The bumper skin and body pieces are powder coated black, and light grills and D-rings are powder coated in either black or silver--the choice is yours. The light grills are fastened in place by stainless steel screws, which can be removed easily, allowing access to LED lights. The grills not only add style, but also protect the 4 LED lights from damage. The bumper also comes with a 1/4" aluminum replaceable skid plate.  


Optional light package:

The light package includes a forward facing LED light bar, and 4 outward facing LED lights, which are located behind the grills. Each of the 5 lights covers a different angle, poviding a broad range of light for off-road driving. The light package also includes a wire harness with waterproof connections for each of the 5 lights, and three 12' lead wires to connect to a switch. The harness is wired so the light bar can be turned on separately from the lower 4 lights.  Each light has a waterproof electrical connector, connecting it to the main wire harness. If a light needs to be replaced, it can be disconnected and a new one connected in it place very easily (we have replacement lights available). 


Optional Winch Package:

Package includes 12,500lb 24 Volt Winch strung with cable and hook, as well as winch fairlead.



---Shipping Info---

*Ships freight from Ogden, UT. Includes liftgate and residential delivery with notification service. costs may vary from examples listed. 

Average Shipping Costs:

West Coast - $290

Midwest - $290

East - $320


**This is currently a built-to-order item. Please allow up to 7 weeks for pre-shipping build time. For questions, please call: (801) 675-4321

Humvee Signature Front Winch Bumper