PLEASE NOTE: This is a handmade custom product, and in being so takes time to build. Please allow 4-6 weeks for fabrication and delivery time.


This kit will be shipped mostly assembled and fully welded in raw aluminum unless ordered for your build being done at Plan B Supply, in which it can be powdercoated to match your vehicle design at no extra cost.

This Humvee dash kit includes guages, ducting, vents, dash and console and blank panels for optional switches, audio visiual compnets etc. 


This Humvee dash kit does NOT include custom steering wheel, ipad or tablet, or any military switches, levers etc. Middle HUD display is laser cut for a ipad mini series 5, and other models can be ordered if they fit the size requirement of a ipad mini 5 or smaller.

2020 Humvee HMMWV F-16 Signature Combat Dash and Console