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Why we do what we do...

   First off, we care about our families, our towns and our country.  We love them deeply. We love how they came to be and what they can become. We thank God for everything we have... above all, our families and our liberty. We try to live in harmony with all the other folks bustling around the planet.


    But...if everyday life changes due to an earthquake, hurricane, blizzard, tornado, financial collapse, war, pandemic, political unrest, zombies...

...well...yeah...any of those things...




   And we want others to survive as well.


   We know it takes a good measure of preparedness and hard work, along with smart planning and lots of love and courage, to be ready for a disastrous event. 


Vehicles that will go the distance...


   We have not found anything that fulfills the needs for crossing rough terrain, cruising at high speeds over interstates, crossing flooded roads and climbing up and over the nastiest of obstacles while loaded to the max as the vehicles you will find here. Whether you feel the need to be able to leave a bad area with your family, or go into an affected area with supplies or to rescue, you can trust the reliability and heavy-duty ruggedness of these ex-military rigs to get the job done.


We can't do it alone...


   Glad you could stop by. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Let us know how we can help you. And if you think you have something that can help us, well...SPEAK UP.  We are building a survival family and a network of good people. We respect the talents and skills that everyone has. We know it will take a team effort to get through some tough stuff. It takes people who care enough about others that no matter what, we respect life, we protect the weak, and we take care of those who suffer. And we make that decision before the moment arrives. Let's all keep our heads on straight and remember who we are.  It will all be worth it in the end.  


Ask about becoming a member of our local DRT groups (Disaster Response Team). Promote your business and show your support for local private volunteer preparedness response. Become a member. Get a truck. Share your skills and talents. Be ready. Go help.

Our Story


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