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Plan B Supply can Up-Armor all Hummer H1 and Humvee® HMMWV® Military Vehicles.

If you do not have your own vehicle, we have a selection of used, repaired, and refurbished Humvee® military vehicles that we can provide to you that are ready to be armored to different ballistic resistance levels.

For those who not only need the authoritative look a military grade vehicle gives you, but also the real protection and security of an up-armored Humvee® military vehicle, we have you covered...literally.

Designing and creating out of hardened steel is no easy task. Minimal welding keeps the armored AR500 hardened steel...well, hard.

Using painstaking design, careful placement of fastening and forming, and strict fabrication techniques and methods, Pro-TEC was able to eliminate 95% of welding on any hardened steel armored pieces for the cab enclosure kit. This is very important. We recommend that people do NOT use any armored hardened steel product that is a fully-welded connection design.  Any welding on a hardened steel area can weaken the hardness and protection of the armor, as much as a 6" radius around a 1-2" weld.

Don't bet your life on it.

Proper design requires bolting and reinforcing connection areas, and makes the enclosure serviceable as well by being able to replace only the damaged panels in the future instead of the entire vehicle.

We offer custom up-armored bullet resistant Hummer H1s, Humvees®, and military vehicles for sale in multiple protection grades:

Full AR500 hardened steel cab enclosure, AR500 hardened steel doors, AR500 hardened steel body skins, thick multi layer ballistic windows, optional high output air conditioning, with some limited customizing available for different rooftops, turret ring hatch covers, armored rear windows, etc.

We also offer armoring of privately owned Humvee® military vehicles or Hummer® H1 civilian vehicles. Restrictions and limitations apply. Please see below for more info and pricing, or call us for more details or to order.

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addMilitary Armored humvee Hmmwv for sale

Pro-TEC  AR500 Hardened Armored cab enclosure kits installed by Plan B Supply

Designed for Humvee® HMMWV® Military Vehicles.

1638 - piece kit. Laser cut, and hydraulic press-formed and machined. Enclosed Cab Armored kit includes armored roof top, armored doors, heavy duty armored door hinge panels, under wheel well protection plates, front cab protection plate, rear cab protection panel, fresh air intake protection plate, sliding armored window assembly to hold thick multi-layer ballistic bullet resistant window glass, and optional armored locking fuel inlet cover.

(Ballistic glass is NOT included in the kit price, see below for armored window pricing. All fasteners and detailed installation instructions included in kit.)

Armor kits:

Pro-tec Stage 1 Armored cab enclosure Kit for Humvee® military vehicles $29,690

Pro-tec Stage 2  Armored cab enclosure Kit for Humvee® military vehicles $38,880

*Pro-tec Stage 3  Armored cab enclosure Kit for Humvee® military vehicles $47,580

Turret hole options:

Turret hole and removable roof cap stage 1 $1,847

Turret hole and removable roof cap stage 2 $2,378

Turret hole and removable roof cap stage 3 $3,620

Balistic Glass:

add $6,870 for ballistic bullet resistant glass stage 1​ (3/4' thick)

add 15,590 for ballistic resistant glass stage 2 (1.1/4" thick)

add $23,930 for ballistic resistant glass stage 3 ( 2" thick)

add $3,890 for (4) run flat tires

Basic entry level armor upfitted complete turn-key vehicles starting @ $68,980

Enhanced Level Armored turn-key vehicles starting @ $97,980

Duramax powered HD armored turn-key vehicles starting @ $158,760

*We recommend using a powertrain upgrade such as the Duramax/Allison conversion and  HD suspension upgrade for Stage 3 HD armoring

Call for additional protection areas needed beyond kit panels. Kit prices stated above do not include installation, or shipping costs. Turn-key vehicle prices include installation.


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Custom made armored vehicles

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