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We thought it might be fun to show you what some of the process is for making these trucks come together. People request some of the coolest stuff. Here is some of the start to finish, and a little in between. From bobbed deuce and a half trucks, to 5 ton crew cab 4-door trucks that can seat up to 15, we love every minute of it. 

General Pricing Guide:  


$0 - $5K:  Questions, info needed, mobile water filtration kits for personal / large groups. trailers, generators, Light kits, tires, etc




$5k-10K:  Trailers, Basic Deuce and a half 6x6 trucks, multi fuel, gear and other supplies.




$10k-20k:  Basic 5-Ton 6x6 trucks, or custom Deuces.




$20k-30k:  Basic Humvees and Expando van 6x6 5-Ton Trucks 





$30k-75k: Custom Humvees, custom stretched crew cab Trucks





$75k-150k: Custom built Trucks, SAR custom RV boxes. Armored Humvees, 
Duramax and Cummins powered Humvees




$150k-375K+ Premium SAR command centers, disaster response vehicles, custom armored vehicles, bulk purchases, etc



Custom 6x6 4-door Crew cab.

Custom 5 ton Military Crewcab        Harley Davidson Edition

Custom 5 ton Military Crewcab        10 seater with 4 bunk beds 

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