Plan B Supply's refurbished Humvee® Hmmwv® military vehicle

Military Hummer H1 Humvee Hmwwv for sale

Plan B has a selection of

Military grade issued Humvees®. We can fully title and register them for you and ship to your *location, and can customize to your needs. (Restrictions apply, see below.)

Used Humvee® Military vehicles


Starting@ $28,400



Incredible condition, extremely low usage (most showing under 20k miles, some have even lower usage.) Our selection of used Humvee® Military vehicles get a sweet overhaul. They all come with a diesel engine, automatic transmission, monster-sized 37' DOT dual beadlock tires, fully independent suspension, dual range transfer case, 2-4 person cab with heater, soft doors and soft top. (hard doors, hard tops, 2 door pickup troop seating kit, slantback and wagonback kits available as inventory permits for extra cost.) Optional winch (add $3200) custom wheels and tires (add $3500) offroad light package (add $2900), custom paint, premium seat upgrades, interior etc. available upon request. (YES...They will come issued with full titles and license plates and can be used on the public highways and roads*.)


Need more power?  We offer Duramax® Engine upgrades, with Allison® 6 spd auto transmissions. Call us for pricing and build options.


Already have a Humvee®? Ship it to us first and we can go thru it for you and outfit it the way you need. Having problems titling your Humvee®? We can help. 


No really...we can. 

TFL TRUCK Off-Road review on Plan B Supply's Humvee® Build

Plan B Supply offers Fastback with windows kits, Wagonback kits, Hard Top and Hard doors​ for the Humvee® Hmmwv®.

UP-ARMORED Ballistic Protected Vehicles.


Plan B Supply also offers armored enclosure kits including hard top, hard doors, outside body skin, front windshield area, wheel well, and rear cab all built from AR500 hardened steel designed to bolt on the Humvee®. Bullet resistant windows are also available in different thickness and resistant grades. Please call for more information.

Plan B Supply offers hard tops, hard doors, fastback, wagon back kits custom designed to fit the Humvee® military vehicle are available for sale.  These are new, updated, weather sealed models that are fabricated from aircraft grade heavy-duty, high-grade aluminum. Super strong and very lightweight, and does not have the corrosion problems steel products encounter.  These are brand new, never-used kits, doors, and hard tops-- even the rare 2-door Humvee® military vehicle pickup cab enclosure kit. We also have 4-door Humvee® military vehicles with our custom 6-8 person seating configuration for dynamic seating needs.


Plan B Supply also has custom Armored Humvee® Hmmwv® military vehicles for sale. We also have armored doors, armored body skins, Bullet resistant glass, ETC available for sale. Please call for more info and pricing, and for inventory availability.

Title. Double click me.


For those looking for an alternative to the stock Humvee® Military vehicle powertrain, look no further. MASSIVE HP gains, better fuel economy, and outrageous fun. Click below for more details and pricing.

First Responder

Upfitting kits designed for the Humvee® Hmmwv® Camping / Disaster / Rescue /

Military, Police, Firefighter, Wildlife Service, Custom Humvee® outfitting

Choosing Paint for your vehicle:


We know people are going to stand out when driving these iconic vehicles, so make sure your rig looks the way you want it.


The following selections are different levels of paint quality finishes for different budgets and styles. Pricing is based upon average customer prices paid for that style.


3-color multi-camo paint or desert tan (approx $2500-2800)




Remove seats, wash and clean, sand panels, mask vehicle and apply primer and 3 color camo or tan. (metal surfaces only, soft canvas not included)

Choosing a soft material style for a Humvee® Hmmwv® Military vehicle Model

(Hard tops, Hard doors, SlantBack or hard Wagon back kit models, please contact us for pricing and availablility.)

The dynamic design platform of the Humvee® military vehilce makes it a multiple use vehicle by changing its componets to fit the needed scenario. Most models can change in a matter of minutes, going from a 4 door pickup, 4 door enclosed SUV, a 6-8-12 person 4 door humvee hardtop wagonback, a 4-6 person Humvee slantback, a 2-4 person humvee camper shelter configuration and even a 2-door pickup that has fold down seating for 8-10 adults in the back with an enclosed covering. There are many other variants that can be installed, bolted on, or interchanged with the Humvee® platform, making this incredible vehicle one of the most useful and capable rigs on the planet.

4-Door Open Back

4-Door Wagon Back

2-Door Pickup Troop Carrier 

We can customize yours to your request.


S.A.R outfitting for the Humvee® Hmmwv® military vehicle is available.

Recommended Upgrades for the Humvee® Hmmwv® Military vehicle


Bedliner coating inside cab, sound deadening kit, upgraded seats, off road light package, rear jumper seat (makes for a total of 6 people in cab) custom paint, snorkel Kit, custom Wheels and tires, body armor vinyl wrap, hard doors, hard top.


Supply is limited, and demand is high. Discounted units available for agreement for our advertising logo on your purchased for one year. ($1000 value)

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* Some areas such as Denver, CO are not able to register some models or yrs of the Humvee® Hmmwv® Military Vehicle. (Please Call and verify your area before purchase. )

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